How to Know if Your Pool is Leaking

Many pool owners are not aware how to determine if their pool liner is leaking or if the problem is a result of something else. Normally, you will lose some water from your pool due to evaporation and use. If you are losing more than a 2 cm of water a day, you may have a leak in your pool liner. Here are some simple ways to determine if we can help!

  • Does the water level drop when the filter and pumps are off? If so, you may have a leak in your pool liner and we specialize in fixing that. If the water level only drops when the pumps or filters are on, you may have a plumbing problem.
  • Do see “bubbling” or wrinkles behind your liner?

There are essentially two areas where a pool can leak:

  • Inside the pool (liner, lights, bottom drain, steps)
  • In the plumbing

To determine where your leak is, perform the following simple test:

  • Raise the water level in your pool to the correct level (midway on the skimmer)
  • Plug all of your returns and skimmer (just like you do to winterize your pool)

If the water level stops dropping, you have a leak in your plumbing. We can recommend companies in your area that are qualified to fix your plumbing the first time.

If you water level continues to drop, the leak is inside the pool and we can help!

You can also perform a bucket test to determine how much water you are losing each day.

Leak Trac 2000 Leak Detection Equipment

One of the best methods for finding leaks in your swimming pool is using the state of the art Leak Trac 2000. It typically locates even the smallest leaks in minutes. This sophisticated technology puts a small charge of electricity into the water. Since your pool’s vinyl liner is a good insulator and electricity seeks the path of least resistance to connect with ground, the only connections are made through holes in the liner. The Leak Trac 2000 produces an audible signal when it detects the ground connections and leads us right to the hole as we passes the machine over the liner.