Client Comments

For more than 27 years, we have worked with many satisfied clients. Here is a few of the most recent comments we have received

“We suspected our pool was leaking before we closed for the winter, but when we opened the pool this year and saw how much the water dropped, we knew for sure.’s diver came out quicky and fixed the rips in our liner – even though the water was freezing! Thanks so much!”-May 14, 2016

“I am very happy with the service and would highly reccommend it to anyone with a pool. I knew we had one hole but Mark was able to show me with his equipment where the other four holes were. So glad he was able to fix all of them. “-August 12, 2015

“I was skeptical that Mark would find any holes because my husband and I searched for two weeks and couldn’t find anything. He found the first hole in 4 seconds! Turns out we had a total of 6 holes. Mark patched the liner and no more leaks! Thank you so much!”-July 19, 2014

“I knew my liner was leaking water and I considered tackling the job myself to save some money but after I found Mark’s website I decided to go with a professional that would hopefully quickly fix my leaking liner and save me a lot of hassle. I can not give Mark enough praise as came by and found five holes in my vinyl liner including one in my main drain which I would have never found on my own. Mark has ALL the right equipment and ALL the correct knowledge to quickly and efficiently fix all the holes in your liner. Just as important was his 100% professional attitude. In seven years of pool ownership I don’t think I’ve purchased anything for my pool that gave me more bang for the buck. To top it off watching him use his tools was pretty entertaining as well. If your vinyl liner is leaking water just go with Mark, you will not be disappointed”-July 17, 2013